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Manage your employee hardware remotely, with ease

Why UEM?

Are you looking for a single management device for all your corporate resources? The Unified Endpoint Management Solution by SRSG offers you the chance to do so.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is an upgraded version of mobile device management, where your company’s applications and resources can be managed, secured, and deployed from a single interface.

With this solution, we help you substitute various individual tools for a unified management device, offering mobility and convenience like never before.

Here is how our UEM Solution benefits your organization:


Enhanced Device Security

All the devices and endpoints in the company are managed and secured under one security protocol, simplifying safety and security. This solution helps prevent the entry of malware from individual devices.


Cost-Effective IT Management

The automation of endpoint tracking, auditing, and other IT processes helps in reducing the overhead charges. Moreover, it omits the need for separate hardware expenses.


Strategic Business Decisions

Other than evolving management processes, UEM boosts the decision-making facet of the business as well. The large amount of endpoint data obtained through UEM can be used to analyze and strategize for the next step.


Increased Device Visibility

The UEM solution establishes a central location for all systems and admins, increasing the visibility of the actions taken. In turn, this enables troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving issues detected in the system.

Comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management Solution

At SRSG, we manage all kinds of hardware associated with your management.

Our UEM solution manages all endpoints like smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT, printers, etc., and of all brands. We provide unified management capabilities for Apple, IBM, Microsoft, 42Gears, and JamF.

As a UEM provider, we ensure that you receive opportunities of scalability to grow with the needs of your organization. With our UEM solution, the immense pressure on your support team will decrease gradually.


From Microsoft to Android, all devices can be smoothly detected and monitored through UEM. A common platform for all devices, new and old.


From Microsoft to Android, all devices can be smoothly detected and monitored through UEM. A common platform for all devices, new and old.


For deeper analytics and insights, UEM provides a combination of AI and machine learning. This solution ignites a new level of productivity and accessibility.

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