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Comprehensive Enterprise Endpoint Management

Bring your mobile and computer systems, apps, and content under one unified management platform, with SRSG’s 42Gears Services!

Mobility and Security, Delivered

Today’s enterprises operate on devices beyond the traditional office computer setups. With both Windows 10 and iOS 11 emphasizing device integration and flexibility, enterprises have the power to manage their devices remotely and operate with better mobility.

However, with flexibility come more enterprise endpoints – and the need for a more comprehensive endpoint management solution.

As a result, SRSG enables you to easily employ 42Gears to protect, monitor, and manage your devices. We also help you migrate from legacy software and operating systems like Windows 7 to EMM-compliant platforms like Windows 10.

Manage your computers, mobile phones, tablets, BYOD systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems such as printers, scanners, wearables, Cloud platforms, and RFID readers remotely, with ease!

Move Towards UEM Faster, with 42Gears

With our 42Gears integration and support, your IT teams can easily manage and control various devices from a single location while reviewing cyber-resilience factors and guaranteeing data security.

Remove Endpoint Complexity

Integrate and support multiple devices, security settings, and configurations in a multi-device architecture.

Improved Productivity

Enable your employees to focus on their assigned tasks and enhance their performance, and prevent them from being hindered by trying to figure out different device configurations.

Enhanced IT Security

Set common practices and benchmarks to ensure continuous security and compliance for all enterprise devices.

Multi-layer Data Loss Prevention

Keep sensitive user, device, application, and network data secure, through multi-layer user authentication and comprehensive access control.

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