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E-Waste Management - Our Responsibility to The World

Our Commitment to E-waste Management

Today’s enterprises operate on devices beyond the traditional office computer setups. With both Windows 10 and iOS 11 emphasizing device integration and flexibility, enterprises have the power to manage their devices remotely and operate with better mobility.

However, with flexibility come more enterprise endpoints – and the need for a more comprehensive endpoint management solution.

As a result, SRSG enables you to easily employ 42Gears to protect, monitor, and manage your devices. We also help you migrate from legacy software and operating systems like Windows 7 to EMM-compliant platforms like Windows 10.

Manage your computers, mobile phones, tablets, BYOD systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems such as printers, scanners, wearables, Cloud platforms, and RFID readers remotely, with ease!

With this collaboration, we work hard to present the most effective eco-friendly management of digital gadgets that have met their end and need to be discarded. With M/S Kar Parivartan, we provide drop-off centers and ensure eco-friendly management of end-of-life electronic devices to abide by the new India E-Waste Management Guidelines.

Our partner – Kar Parivartan – holds authorization for e-waste management services from an appropriate government agency. They receive and recycle all of our customer’s returned gadgets, including e-waste.

How do we stay committed?

We get calls on our toll-free number from the end-customers

We receive e-waste pickup requests from them

Our Authorized partner collects and drops off the e-waste at the collection center

No fee or monetary benefit applies to the consumer for this recycling program

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