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The SRSG Story

We are SRSG – A premier IT & Media solutions company that pursues continuous innovation to enable businesses with top-of-the-class workplace environments and relentless support.

We have emerged as a prominent technology integration and managed service provider in India. Our expedition began with the focus on introducing the latest Apple technology to the majority of Indian companies. Now, we provide a diverse range of technology solutions in the IT & Mobility and the Media, Broadcasting, & Entertainment verticals.

Over the years, we evolved into a full, comprehensive service provider offering a wide-ranging array of products and services for media management, broadcast consultancy, system integration, maintenance services, IT infrastructure services, and digital archiving services.

We take pride in our excellent quality of customer service. With regional and branch offices across the country, we aim to deliver premium-quality support to all our clients. We offer unlimited support to our clients and help them strive for uninterrupted excellence. From the initial call, all through the setup, and integration to post-sales customer support, and beyond – our relationship with our clients span their entire growth journey.

In the past 15 years, we have created dominion overseas and have earned recognition for our work in Hong Kong and Dhaka, apart from the other eight offices and Apple service centers in India. From digital asset management solutions to consulting services for the broadcasting industry, we have come a long way – yet, the way forward is still long!

No matter your type of project, we plan, configure, develop, integrate, and implement them to ensure success-driven results.

Where We Stand Out

We have four foundational pillars of strength that help us deliver unique opportunities to you.

We leverage a highly simple, yet effective approach to solving the problems of our customers

Our 20+ years of satisfying customers symbolize our strength, expertise, and dedication toward quality service delivery

Our powerful and diverse stack of solutions, as well as our strong after-implementation support, ensure that you get all the support you need to innovate and grow.

Our solutions are specialized across the IT, Media, and Broadcasting verticals

What We Stand For

Being a leading global firm, we deliver powerful impact via traditional and online channels to our IT and broadcasting clients. We believe in building value and offering our clients best-in-class solutions.

What We Deliver

We aim to deliver premium-quality, innovative, industry-leading IT and broadcasting solutions to our clients to help them achieve their enterprise goals and objectives. When working together collaboratively, we ensure an excellent, next-level, rich experience for all our clients, partners, and associates.

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