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All in One Helpdesk

Most of the organisations have created their own ecosystem for hardware and services. The best part about a complete ecosystem is that the customer treats us one point of contact for all their needs and solutions. Helpdesk offers that completeness to the ecosystem where we offer delightful experiences.

Services offered in Helpdesk.

• Deployment

• Device (Asset) & Inventory management

• Ticketing management

• On call support

• MDM support

• Logistics management

• Device recovery management

• Facilitation of insurance cases


Efficient and well-managed IT device deployment is crucial for minimising disruptions, maximising productivity, and ensuring a seamless integration of new technology into an organisation’s infrastructure.

• Planning and Preparation

• Physical Setup

• Operating System Installation and Configuration

• Software Installation and Configuration

• Networking and Connectivity

• User Profiles

• Testing and Quality Assurance

• User Training and Documentation

• Monitoring and Maintenance

• Deployment Completion and Handoff

Device (Asset) & Inventory management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) refers to the process of tracking and managing an organisation’s IT assets throughout their lifecycle

• Asset Inventory

  • Create and maintain an accurate inventory of all IT assets, including details such as asset type, model, serial number, location, owner, and purchase date.

• Asset Tracking and Monitoring

  • Implement tracking mechanisms to monitor asset movements, changes, and usage.

• Integration with IT Service Management (ITSM)-

  • Integrate ITAM with IT service management processes to streamline incident management, problem resolution.

• Automation and Tools

  • Utilise ITAM software and tools to automate asset discovery, tracking, and management tasks.

Ticket Management

Ticket management typically refers to the process of handling and tracking various types of tickets or requests within an organisation, often related to customer support, IT Helpdesk & MDM support.

• Ticket Creation

• Ticket Assignment

• Tracking and Documentation:

• Prioritisation of tickets

• Communication

• Resolution and Closure

On Call Support

On-call support is commonly utilized in IT operations, software development, customer support, and other industries where continuous service availability is crucial. Well-structured on-call procedures contribute to faster incident resolution, reduced service disruptions, and improved customer satisfaction. It requires a combination of technical expertise, effective communication, and a commitment to maintaining critical systems and services around the clock.

• Emergency Availability

• Issue Resolution

• Communication and Collaboration

• Escalation Procedures:

• Documentation and Knowledge Sharing

MDM Support

MDM plays a critical role in ensuring the security, manageability, and productivity of mobile devices within an organisation. It is particularly important as more businesses embrace remote work, mobile productivity, and the use of personal devices for work-related tasks

MDM solutions allow IT administrators to control, monitor, configure, and secure mobile devices remotely, ensuring data protection, compliance, and efficient device management.

• Device Enrolment

• Configuration Management

• Application Management

• Security and Compliance

• Remote Monitoring and Support - L 1

• Content Management

• Compliance Reporting

• Remote Wipe and Data Protection

Logistics Management

Logistics management is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient and effective movement of goods, services, information, and resources from their point of origin to their final destination

Effective logistics management is essential for businesses to maintain a competitive edge, meet customer expectations, and optimise resource utilisation. It involves a holistic approach to coordinating various activities across the supply chain to ensure seamless and efficient movement of goods and services.

• Faulty/Damaged Devices collection

• Good device delivered to users as a replacement

• Resigned user device collection

• New Joiners logistics

• Reports for the logistics transactions carried out

Device Recovery Management

Device collection management refers to the organised process of retrieving, collecting, and managing various types of devices, such as electronic equipment, assets, tools, or resources, from users, customers, or within an organisation. This process may involve returning, recycling, refurbishing, or disposing of devices in a controlled and efficient manner. Proper device collection management ensures the secure handling of data, compliance with regulations, and efficient resource utilisation. Here are the key aspects of device collection management

• Employee and User Communication

• Asset Tracking

• User Returns Data

• Refurbishment and Reuse

• Reverse Logistics

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