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Ensuring Excellent Broadcast and Streaming Quality

Reimagining Media and Entertainment

Every commercial or corporate recording and broadcasting setup requires good quality audio and video devices to fulfill the purpose. SRSG has emerged as a one-stop solution for professional recording setups in the media and entertainment sectors in India. We have been delivering bespoke solutions for the media and entertainment verticals for the past two decades. Be it broadcast, film, professional audio-video, or digital solutions, SRSG has played a vital role in shaping the industry with our trusted clients. We offer a wide range of audio and visual solutions for audio setups, broadcasting, audio recording, visual projection, live streaming, transcoding, storage and archiving, and other functionalities. We also offer an extensive range of accessories for content creation, live-show production, and microphones for broadcasting.

Segments we Cater to

Our customized solutions and domain expertise span the following segments:

TV, FM, and Broadcasting

We provide complete turnkey solutions for news and entertainment channels, IP & Satellite community radio & commercial FM channels.

Film and TV Production

Our solutions empower production houses and media conglomerates to produce and disseminate engaging video content with cutting-edge recording equipment and streamline their production processes.

Audio Post Production

We offer a wide range of audio products like headphones, microphones, active audio systems, speakers, mixers, and other accessories from internationally acclaimed brands. Our audio solutions facilitate content creation, production, and broadcasting of audio for Broadcast, Radio, and TV, public places like Auditoriums, Cinema Theaters, Places of Worship and Stadiums, Boardrooms, Production Setups, and more.

Video and Post Production

Our Post Production solutions for video help in the smooth production of video content. We deliver a diverse set of solutions for video production from internationally acclaimed companies.

Display Solutions

We offer a wide range of display solutions to companies from various industries to help them completely change the way they conduct their business. We help these businesses deliver unforgettable experiences with intelligent technology. Our display solutions add value to schools and colleges, studio setups, public places like auditoriums, concert halls, places of worship, boardrooms and corporates, and more.

Our Value Proposition

We deliver value through:


A long-standing digital transformation partnership


Consistent, quality, and thorough customer support and relations


People that bring you innovative solutions delivered through highly process-driven orientation


Long-standing partnerships with major international brands


Dedicated teams of technologists, engineers, and solution designers that develop & deliver seamless solutions


Quick turnaround time without much rework

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