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Studio PCR

These days, a studio is needed for content creators, production houses, reality shows, news rooms and many other reasons for the media, entertainment people and broadcasters. SRSG's expertise also lies in providing cost-effective solutions for setting up studios and PCRs. Studio and PCR solutions from SRSG include audio systems, live recording, camera, systems, and microphones.

This is truly full-service solution due to presence of products, expertise and know-how. SRSG also offers turnkey solutions for setting up studio and PCR, starting from design, set up, installations, software, IT infrastructure and uplink/downlink solutions. Create professional television studio with SRSG studio and PCR solutions. It is highly recommended to have integrated solution provide like SRSG before setting up a studio and PCR.

Production Control Room is the heart of any studio. It is the place where the composition, mixing and adding takes place. For TV channels, broadcasters, content creators and production houses – studio and PCR has great impact on the quality of content and quality of distribution. This is where studio and PCR solutions from SRSG come into picture.


Studio and PCR solution from SRSG include different components ranging from cameras, graphics, storage, active speaker systems, microphones, consoles, monitors and so on. It is a complex integration of many stand alone technologies. This is highly technical solution also considering the need for integrating many independent broadcast IT and media technologies. Switchers and mixing consoles make the heart of studio and PCR. In current era, this solution also needs to consider the format of video, special effects and many other graphics and images for a complete package of a television program.

Studio and PCR solutions from SRSG are rated very high by those who have availed our services. Explore from wide choice of options and solutions for studio and PCR!