SRSG Broadcast India Pvt. Ltd.

Media Processing Platform

Wide range of solutions from File based automated QC, Transcoding, Standards Conversion, Time adjustment, Closed Captioning Workflows, Automated Promos, Live Ingest, Live Streaming both Enterprise level and RTMP based and Video Quality Assurance solutions.

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Accelerated File transfers

Eliminate slow file transfers and send big data with the FileCatalyst UDP file transfer solutions. FileCatalyst provides FTP alternatives that enables you to send files of any size or format at full line speed, and up to hundreds of times faster than FTP, while ensuring the secure and reliable delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes. All products in the FileCatalyst suite also integrate seamlessly for perfect interoperability within the FileCatalyst family. Each FileCatalyst solution serves a unique set of organizational file transfer needs and work across a variety of industries.

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Archiving Media files


Data management at every step of the life cycle

  • Easy Operation With Step-By-Step Introductions
  • User Friendly Browser Interface, Available Everywhere
  • Runs On Mac, Windows, Linux, Freebsd, Solaris And Synology
  • Data Safety Across Platform Limits
  • Fits Into Existing Hardware Environment
  • Joint Use Of Resources For Several Modules
  • Supports Raid, San, Xsan, Nas And Iscsi Storage
  • compatible with virtually any tape hardware (lto-2 to lto-8)
  • Integrations With Hardware And Software Partners
  • Flexible, Scalable License Model

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Media Asset management

Cat DV- Square Box Systems is an innovative software company, specialising in the development of multimedia tools. We take the time to carefully listen to all our customers’ needs and support some of the world’s greatest organisations. If you come to us we will work closely with you to find the right solution to your problem. Our core products are based around CatDV, the leading digital asset management system.

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Long term archival solutions:

Tape based archival-

Spectralogic- Spectra Logic develops data storage solutions that solve the problem of short and long-term digital preservation for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to data storage innovation for nearly 40 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the adoption of its solutions by industry leaders in multiple markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of data storage — including archive, backup, cold storage, private cloud and public cloud

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Optical disc based archival- ODA

Today and tomorrow, protect your data with Optical Disc Archive. Speedy, reliable and secure, ODA is the high capacity, future-proofed media storage, on-site backup and asset manangement solution from Sony. Quicker than tape and more reliable than hard drives, Optical Disc Archive offers super-fast random access to your content whenever it’s needed. Don’t waste time spooling through tapes. Archive at source, then finds files in an instant – even play 4K video straight from your disc. And with 100-year rated media life and no special storage requirements, you know your data’s always safe, now and in the future.

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Drive based archival- ALTO

Disk Archive provides easy, secure and affordable technology for archiving and cold data storage – ALTO - “Alternative to LTO”.

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Storage Solutions:

Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 Based solutions for Video Editing and storage purposes.

  • Promise Pegasus
  • Lacie
  • G-Technology

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storage solutions

Apace Systems Corporation, based in southern California, is a workflow, storage, and media asset management company. Apace's software focuses on content creation, access, and management of media which provides unique solutions to greatly improve efficiency and productivity. Apace products serve the needs of the professional media markets and corporate horizontal markets for marketing, training, education, and support. Apace provides the most complete turnkey solution for Adobe Creative Cloud including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Prelude and Anywhere. This includes media asset management (MAM), workflow management and storage management.

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