Our Commitment to E-waste Management

We live in a developing nation where most e-waste gets recycled without much thought given to the health and environment. However, SRSG understands the need for e-waste management, and as a responsible party, we commit and contribute to making this environment a better place for everyone.

Our company adheres to each and every law related to e-waste management and has been working towards it. To save the company time and efficiently conduct e-waste management, we have outsourced the responsibility to the well-known M/s Kar Parivartan LLP.

With this collaboration, we work hard to present the most effective eco-friendly management of digital gadgets that have met their end and need to be discarded. With M/S Kar Parivartan, we provide drop-off centers and ensure eco-friendly management of end-of-life electronic devices to abide by the new India E-Waste Management Guidelines.

Our partner - Kar Parivartan - holds authorization for e-waste management services from an appropriate government agency. They receive and recycle all of our customer’s returned gadgets, including e-waste.

How do we stay committed?


We get calls on our toll-free number from the end-customers


We receive e-waste pickup requests from them


Our Authorized partner collects and drops off the e-waste at the collection center


No fee or monetary benefit applies to the consumer for this recycling program

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