Harness the Power of Apple, with SRSG

SRGS, powered by Apple, brings you advanced technologies and the latest products that pave the way for your success.

The Best Tools in the Trade for your Enterprise

To meet your growing business needs and catch up to the market’s fast pace, and stay ahead of your competition, you need the best devices.

And there is no better device than an Apple.

As an Authorized Apple Service Provider, SRSG helps you build a seamless Apple ecosystem for your enterprise. Whether you are a team of 10 or 1000 – your team would be able to work smoothly and grow your business at scale.


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Mac in Action, with SRSG

Reform the way you conduct business and give your employees the means to seize the workday like never before with Apple products. We bring Apple hardware, software, and services together into one ecosystem, and offer you a seamless business experience.omes. Here’s why you should choose us:

Procurement Services

Tailored Apple and workplace technlogoy procurement

Dedicated Apple Business Manager

Sit back and relax as the Apple business manager takes care of product deployment and integration.

Seamless Collaboration

Let your employees work across various devices and platforms without a hitch. They are secure and easy to deploy and manage.

Unique Solutions

Tackle any challenges confidently with a range of Apple products and services at your bac

Seamless Collaboration

Simplify enterprise IT management with the right devices, custom-made for your business needs!

Change the Way you Work

Made for Every Department

Apple products are built and designed to help your employees deliver their best work, covering every department and field. Accommodate the needs of all your departments, with one centralized Apple ecosystem.

Compatibility at its Best

We build you an Apple ecosystem that works flawlessly with applications and tools your employees are already familiar with, like Google G Suite and Microsoft Office. With one iOS ecosystem to connect your entire enterprise, your employees will be able to finish projects faster, work across multiple devices, and scale your enterprise.

Unparalleled Security

In your Apple Ecosystem, you can keep your personal and corporate data safe with advanced features. With advanced networking protocols, frequent software updates, and remote device management, you can ensure that your data is safe.

Easy to Deploy and Support

There is no easier way of combining your business operations with Apple, than with SRSG. With zero-touch deployment and mobile device management integration, your IT team can push apps and create Managed Apple IDs with a snap of their fingers. Additionally, we offer installation, deployment, and maintenance support across 1500+ cities in India, with a 16/5 Customer Support Desk present to solve all your issues. We also offer day-zero update support for new OS.

An Investment for the Long Run

With the highest residual value on the market, Apple products prove to be the smart, affordable solution for your company. We offer you flexible financial plans like leasing and buyback programs, that can also help you reduce the overall cost of owning Apple products. Moreover, we act as your technology and support partner throughout your lifecycle.