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TV Solutions

  • Broadcast Automation
  • Graphic Automation
  • News Room Automation

Radio solutions

SRSG's Radio Station Solutions include a wide array of solutions, systems and products. Radio Station Solutions from SRSG offer end-to-end solutions from studio integrations to transmissions. Radio channels gain from SRSG's partnership with leading global players in radio broadcasting technology. Gain from the best, gain from the technological expertise of SRSG and technological solutions which are admired worldwide.

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Studio PCR

These days, a studio is needed for content creators, production houses, reality shows, news rooms and many other reasons for the media, entertainment people and broadcasters. SRSG's expertise also lies in providing cost-effective solutions for setting up studios and PCRs. Studio and PCR solutions from SRSG include audio systems, live recording, camera, systems, and microphones.

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Media channels and broadcasters use uplink and downlink services. SRSG's solutions for this part of broadcasting business include solutions around Teleport, DSNG and RF solutions. Expert team of professionals of SRSG – broadcast technology company offer effective solutions for uplink and downlink services. Quality of solution matters a lot here due to criticality of this part of broadcasting industry.

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News Room Automation

Octopus7 is a platform-independent, cost-effective newsroom computer system that natively runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It offers convenience, speed and ease of use for every stage of the newscast preparation process.

Octopus7 provides the tools for journalists in TV newsrooms to fulfil all aspects of the news delivery workflow, from browsing and searching source material, to writing scripts and preparing rundowns, for all types and scales of operation from 24/7 news networks to channels with just a few bulletins per day.

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Mobile News Gathering Solution

When something newsworthy happens, today’s audiences expect to see and hear it right away, where it’s happening, as it’s happening. Your newsroom has to be on top of it and be able to take it fresh from the scene to the viewer with little lag time. Because if your newsroom doesn’t do it, there are plenty of others that will.

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